MEF Joins China SDN/NFV Industry Alliance

The MEF and the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a high-level framework of cooperation between the two parties. The MOU identifies initial areas of collaboration centered on the MEF’s LSO (Lifecycle Services Orchestration) initiative as an important enabler of SDN and NFV technologies, supporting dynamic packet-based services for business and mobile applications.

The MOU was signed on Tuesday 12th April at the annual China SDN/NFV Conference held this week in Beijing. The MEF is participating in the event as a new member of the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance.

The MOU recognizes that the MEF’s new OpenLSO (Open Lifecycle Services Orchestration) and OpenCS (Open Connectivity Services) initiatives provide an evolutionary path for the practical introduction of open source-based solutions for both the orchestration and connectivity services layers.

OpenLSO is an orchestration ecosystem that enables a reference implementation of open source solutions and interfaces that adheres to the MEF LSO Reference Architecture & Framework (MEF 55).

OpenCS is a network ecosystem that enables a SDN and NFV reference implementation of open source software and open specification hardware for MEF-defined services, starting with CE2.0 and evolving to Layer 3 IP and above.

Nan Chen, President of the MEF: “The MEF is delighted to be working with the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance to accelerate the industry transition to agile and assured services that are orchestrated over networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV. We look forward to collaborating with Chinese service providers and technology firms as well as other members of the Alliance within an innovative open networking ecosystem.”

Picture © SDN/NFV Industry Alliance